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Emerging Media - Week 13


- 3 illustrations for dresses (resting/ possibly animated)

- 1 video ad for clothing line

- paint illustrations in conductive paint and test them

✔ Footage shot for video

✔ 2 illustrations done

✔ 1 board for easel painted with conductive illustrations

✔ 3 stands

✔ 3 dresses

Project update:


I finessed and cleaned up two illustrations and completed two layouts for the resting dress projection. I have been working on other patterns the past few weeks, but not happy with them. These new patterns reflect the dolls that I created for the videos, so there's more consistency with themes and motifs.

^See the pretzels!!!!!!!!! Still need to finish stitching on the mermaid's pocket


I have shot film of my daughter playing with doll, plan to make two more similar videos with other two kids and other two dolls this weekend. The ad will show the kids playing with the dolls then a close up where the doll disappears and they are left in the dress that reflects the doll theme.

How am I going to get the pattern on to the plain white dress? I am doing a stop motion at the end where the frames can me created in Photoshop and essential mocked up as a layer overtop of the white dress. It won't be perfect, but hopefully sticking with the jagged and energetic nature of the stop motion animation- it will still be cool!

As part of what I worked on last week, I did so very useful tutorial on Premier and found it pretty easy. I have a plan with an undergrad CD student to get tutoring on Tuesday evening in AE.

I started creating the video ad for nix nux on Wednesday night (but we had already blogged) it will be a compilation of raw video and some stop motion animation. It's not perfect, but I like the feel as reflective on the clothing line's themes and folkloric spirit.

Some other patterns that I've done that I may use for dress three- but most likely will be another larger illustration with secondary repeat pattern.

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