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Emerging Media - Week 1

What's your general feedback to the work, process, and use of creative code? In general, I am fascinated by creative code, but also extremely intimidated. I have never coded, except for old school websites when I was in highschool and early college (1999-2000). My grandmother's a hoader and writes down extremely detailed notes about everything that happens in her life, she's been doing this forever. Nicholas Felton's projects reminded me of this obsession. I thought, how cool to take her notes (89 years old) and create a date set from them. I loved his repeated expression to give up on completeness. I tend to obsess about completeness, and I find this to be a particular exciting challenge to embrace incompleteness, as he suggests. I also really liked his book with the data printed and use of lasercuts. Theo Watson and Emily Gobeille were my favorite by far! I love their visual styles and use of illustrations. I also really appreciated their underlying message of find solutions through play. She said to think of their process as being like a child's mind, "halfway between reality and fantasy". I just love this idea. Also that they created interactive projects for kids and adults to use together through play- super cool! They were by far my favorite and most likely to fit the way I think and work. I absolutely adored their John Lennon project - especially the sailing scenes and illustrations and the club scene with Rock Lobster animated (WHAT?!! AMAZING)! I could definitely see myself using creative code in my thesis exhibit, especially in such fun and playful ways. Matt Cottam was a little hard to follow for me because he wasn't as engaging (sorry). But I really enjoyed the visualizations they created. Do you see ways this type of work could influence your thesis project, or your design/interactive work in general? Yes, I feel that if I knew how to code, it would greatly enhance my thesis which will be an installation. I would love to have an interactive element in the exhibition.

Additionally, my website sucks and I would love to add more excitement to it. Please find at least 3 compelling examples of emerging media/creative code that interests you (post links). 1.

I love this design duo! I also love the idea of dosidos and double perspectives. They described this project in the video and I love seeing an interactive design brought to tactile design. Project info:

"Rise and Fall is an interactive front and back magazine cover created for the March 2010 issue of Boards Magazine.

The rotation of the magazine controls your journey through the playful world of Rise and Fall, revealing story nodes as the tale of opposing forces unfolds. The back cover reveals a behind the scenes view of the project, showing the tracking, the forces at work and a "making of" video documenting the production process.

Rise and Fall is an open source project made with openFrameworks, using the Ferns library for tracking.

Created in collaboration with Theo Watson.

Produced by: Nexus Interactive Arts

Sound design by: MOST"


Paralax!!! I would love to do something with Paralax. ( I think this animation is using Paralax)


THIS IS AMAZING!!! I want to create a creative coding installation like this to a radiohead song from kid a. I love the convergence of creative coding and music!


This is an animation, I don't know if it counts... but I'd like to do something like this and project it somewhere big time!

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