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Thesis II - Week 4

This week I worked on a presentation/mood board of what my line will look like....

Weekend... Karen pinned some lovely inspiration to my pinterest board

Monday... purchased Herb typeface for font and worked on the logo. Thinking carefully about kerning, as this typeface has issues. Also thinking about logos that inspire me... cat & jack, pillowfort

Tuesday... visited barn fresh to shop vintage children's chair for final display. Also spoke to owner Denise about my project so she is keeping her eyes peeled for Deitsch kitsch.

Wednesday... fine tuned list of deliverables

Thursday... refine logo and compiled main color swatches. I still really love a simple script for the logo. Found that is not available but I purchased :) WOHOO!!

I was playing with a softer palette for the logo, but decided to go with the traditional fraktur black and red because it maintains that tradition. I also wanted to keep the logo very very simple since the patterns will be quite busy, I wanted to keep the logo lovely, bold and simple.

Playing with logo and border
More play
Final Logo

Friday... present to Karen and get feedback

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