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PE Week 11- Project Progress

Had to catch up this week, I was feeling blocked last week and needed to revisit my original concept in order to get back on track. Original concept was children interacting with nature. (I am still working this morning before class, so I will have more then)....

Timeline goals:

Week 10: 3/31/17

  • Continue laying out brand book in InDesign

  • Tighten illustrations & type for tee shirts

  • Decide on printed tees for photos or blank tees with mock up in PhotoShop (this depends on cost and whether or not the designs are ready to print)

  • Think about design of tee shirts to be unique and more than just a tee (consider cut for different body types and accents (i.e. lace, fringe, etc.))

Week 11: 4/7/17

  • Possible Spoonflower pattern order

  • Get tee shirts printed

  • Organize kid models

Logo Design:

I scanned and adjusted levels for the logo sketch, but it was still too much texture from the pencil. So I printed, filled in the texture a bit and rescanned and re-level adjusted. It was tedious, but I love it now!

(first scan, gritty goodness but a bit too gritty)

(second version, much happier! Still get the grit, but not too gritty!)

(third version, tried to even out thickness of stroke)

With tagline, bee and buds:

As you know the tagline is "duds for little buds." which I absolutely adore! Bosler suggested a simple serif or san serif. Here are a few of the favorite options: Roboto Slab, Archer Light, Engelbert

Final Illustrations:

Last week I had some animals and floral illustrations, this week I have added little people, more animals and more florals. I will be scanning these in during or after class to assemble the different illustrative elements into final designs for next week.


The typography for the lookbook will be a mix of hand lettered (like the logo) and whatever tagline type we decide on with main copy type being Avenir Next. Tee shirt type is Garden Grown.

To do:

Tee shirt mock ups:

These are the tee shirts I have for the line. I have to wait to get good scans today at school to layout actual designs. Hoping to get feedback on the 9-10 favored illustrations today.

I have been disappointed in the inability to find dark colors, I may hand dye a few to get a good dark green and rust.

(left: the tee shirts I have, whites will probably be dyed; right: the look I want to achieve, simple line illustrations with pops of color and pattern. The main image is just line and black)


Lookbook is on hold until I finish designing the tee shirts since the colors and images with inform the lookbook.

Possible Spoonflower pattern order:

Not happening, yet anyhow.... don't think I'll be doing patterns :( unless I can print on our textile printer. Spoonflower's turn around was a bit long the last time I ordered, so I won't have time at this point.

Get tee shirts printed:

Just looking for feedback on Friday and printing next week. I have had extensive conversations with Jeremy at Business Link about the printing of the tee shirts and he looked at the tee shirts I have and helped me spec the size to design for them and the intricacies of printing negative space within the design. We also discussed turn around of the shirts, he said approximately 3 days. The designs also have to be transparent backgrounds.

Organize kid models:

I have 6 children lined up for the photoshoot. I am blessed to have friends that support my work and are volunteering their kiddos for the shoot.

#ProfessionalExplorations #hunterbee

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