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PE Week 8: Project Progress

Week 8: 3/17/17

Time line goals

  • Begin laying out lookbook in InDesign

  • Tighten logo

  • Tighten illustrations & type for tee shirts

  • Choose typography for brand

Actualized goals

  • Begin laying out lookbook in InDesign

  • Tighten logo

  • Taglines

  • Working on illustrations & type for tee shirts

  • Choose typography for brand

  • Set up photoshoot

I worked a lot this week on the details of this project. It's a hefty set of goals that require a lot of preliminary design work for the pieces.

Lookbook design inspiration:

***MY FAVORITE*** This is the lookbook that most matched the tone and setting that I want for my line. Though their line is quite high end, it still has the look that I am going for but my line will be more casual. I really also love the layout they used with the detail of the clothing on the one side and the image on the model on the other. Love this lookbook!

  • Begin laying out brand book in InDesign

As I researched lookbooks I found that the standard sizes seem to be 6 x 10.5" or 8.5 x 6". My favorite lookbook above La Coqueta is 8.5 x 6" so I am going with that. I experimented with both layouts before deciding to go with the landscape version.

I will be using placeholder photos for now that are similar in style, mood and location to those that we will shoot.

  • Tighten logo: shortening the ampersand and kerning

Thanks Nancy for giving me feedback!!! It was greatly appreciated!



  • Tagline

I realized, after researching a lot of other children's clothing lines, the main tagline needs to communicate that it's a clothing line for children. "Busy hands, happy heart" is my favorite, but I'm not sure if it works since it doesn't speak to the company being a clothing company.

kids clothing inspired by nature

clothing for nature's kids

clothing for nature's littles

*busy hands, happy heart

  • Illustrations, patterns & type for clothing line

I have to wait to scan my sketches, phone camera broken :( will update ASAP

In the interest of time because I want my focus to be on the lookbook, I am going to be borrowing some of my previous nature themed motifs and florals.

*themes & sayings*


flower crowns

nature girl

nature boy

nature kids


kinder kids

wild child

love child

animal friends:

lets be friends (animal)

woodland friends

garden friends







hunter bee







I grew this

eat what you grow

grow your own food

mud pie

busy hands, happy heart

dirty hands, happy heart

my happy place (garden)

fairy garden

rabbit food please


want to play?

get your bike, lets go!

every day is the best day ever!

use every scrap

stay wild

be wild

bloom kindness

grow kindness

every day is an adventure

my playground (back yard)

Colors: As Mary suggested, I've added a second set of colors that are darker but also inspired by nature.

Wearables: The line will include tee shirts, dresses, rompers and shorts

  • Choose typography for brand

  • Set up photoshoot

I'm thrilled that my friend, Carrie, will be photographing the line at her farm house and property. She's a wonderfully talented children's portrait photographer and has a very similar sense of mood and tone for this shoot. Her property is fantastic for this shoot! She has an old farm house and barn. She also has a backyard with a handmade playhouse and She will also be lending me her two littles to model some of the clothing. So in total I will have 5 models.

***For next week I'm going to concentrate on finalizing illustrations and patterns to order and designing the 10 pieces that will be featured in the lookbook.

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