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PE Week 6: Project Progress


Brand book including: campaign overview, logo, line of 10 tee shirt designs, colors, patterns, photography, illustrations, ads, product set up in store, etc.

Timeline goals:

Week 6: 3/3/17

  • Logo sketches

  • Illustrations & type for tee shirts

  • choose color palette

Actualized progress:

  • Naming brainstorming

  • Logo sketches

  • Illustrations & type for tee shirts sketches

  • choose color palette

  • ordered blank tees (

name ideas (familial)

*netty & jake

Netty & Jake

*tilly & will

Tilly & Will

*Buttercup Hunter

*Hunter bee

*Miriam & Isaac

*Katie & Jacob

betts & bill

Betts & Bill

davey grace

Davey Grace

davey & rach

Davey & Rach

*grace hunter

Grace Hunter

willow hunter

ollie & hunter

Ollie & Hunter


*bloom kids

*hands & heart



stay wild

wild embrace

embrace wild

plant wild

wild earth

earth play

earth way

wild way

live outside

covered in love

covered in earth

*my favs


soft earthy tones (may also add a rust color and a brown/grey)


soft, thin and organic materials (naturally if this were at Target, it may not be organic, but something I know my customers would value if I sell them on my own)

logo design:

I have to settle on a name first but I know I want a typographic logo. SImple and clean like cat & jack (sketches to come).

more inspiration:


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