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Great feedback in class yesterday! Thank you all!

This week I will be focusing on the story of my save-worthy self promo booklet.

Here's my first draft! I think I'll try to sketch out some of these ideas on a dummy book.

  1. Hello, my name is Rachel! (Illustration of me holding my illustration tools)

  2. I live in Boyertown Pennsylvania- (flip down) these are my 3 kids! (hanging off of me)

  3. I’ve been drawing since I was 3 (drawing I made when I was 3)

  4. This is my 3 year old drawing with me (Hunter drawing on the walls/dog behind me)

  5. I don’t ignore my kids to do what I love, (sign ADORABLE HELL, mom drawing with clutter, noise and Hunter running past)

  6. I'm an attachment parent, I make my kids do what I love with me :) (All kids/mom drawing together, Hunter drawing on himself)

  7. I love being a mom!

  8. Illustration is my double rainbow!!

Style of booklet inspiration.....

1. Molly Snee: an illustrator who was used as a great example of self-promo by Charles Hively in our webinar. Her piece is a great example of a narrative and personal self promo booklet.

2. Lucy Scott: illustrator and author of Doodle Diary of a New Mom: An Illustrated Journey Through One Mommy’s First Year. I found a lot of inspiration for humorous yet simple illustrations about motherhood and multitasking.

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