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Form follows function - illustration follows story

So thankful to have some clarity and focus after class yesterday. The function of this self-promotion is to be save-worthy and interactive. Telling my story of journey with elements of play and interaction. I have two project ideas (form) in my mind's eye, one being more personal and the other being more centered on my style and a common theme of my work. I need to spend time developing both and present them to you all for feedback on which is more save-worthy.

I've been getting a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and the books Bosler lent me! There's some really great self-promo out there!

As far as the story of my journey, I think that's the first step before I can begin illustrating. I don't want to tell the story of my life, of course. But what I think is an interesting story is that of my finding myself in a KUCD grad class, by chance, writing Penny Olive with Meloney's help and the whirlwind that happened after leading me to a shift in creative processes and a career change. But maybe that's even too much information? Just illustrating what my day to day is like would also be funny, warm and have illustration as a highlight in my crazy world.

I'm not sure. I think I will write it all out and share with you all and maybe we can all edit it down to the most funny or relatable sections.

My timeline is slow going because it really depends on which of the two self-promo ideas I will choose... so by next week it should be filled up with weekly goals.


Week 5: 9/30

  • Sketching out what my two ideas would look like and one being more personal and the other being more centered on my style and a common theme of my work.

  • Write draft of story for personal/journey booklet

Week 6: 10/7

  • Decide which self promo idea to move forward with

  • Continue to sketch ideas

  • Edit story of journey

Week 7: 10/14

Week 8: 10/21

Week 9: 10/28

Week 10: 11/4

Week 11: 11/11

Week 12: 11/18

Week 13: 11/25

Week 14: 12/2

Week 15: 12/9

  • Present my save-worthy self promotion to my target audience

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