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handmade vs. short run

*Deep breath* I am broke, credit cards maxed out! I would love to get a short run of 100 boxes for my Penny Olive doll/book combo, but it seems it's not going to happen within the next few weeks. Bummer! But I think that if I complete a well designed and cleanly executed package, I may be able to pitch it and get a backer.

As Bosler as I researched short run box costs, we found a deal for $60 for sample and $800 for 100 boxes. Unfortunately this is still way out of my budget. Had I gotten a graduate grant for this project, it would have been great to see this product com to life. But I suppose as am a folk artist/designer it should be handmade if possible.

I planned on introducing the doll/book combination at The Kutztown Folk Fest this July. So I want to nail down a design in the next two weeks and then print a prototype. I think I'll focus on 50 hand assembled box sets for the festival and proceed with that.

**Photos to come**

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