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Design Pioneers: small book/small doll set

This was a very productive week regarding the book/doll project. I dove in deep to researching packaging design, including a class on it with After meeting with Bosler and discussing the sketches and doll prototypes. We agreed that the small doll was most charming and economically efficiently designed to cut down on labor and have a less expensive retail price.

I had two box options that were particularly ideal in my vision for the set, a tray style box with a double wall to attach the doll to so that she doesn't need plastic to encase her. I would like to keep her plastic free (for now). We discussed using an existing die for a tray style box and then adding elements such as a scalloped band across the top and bottom for extra security.

Additionally, to the draw that it is open in the front, I envisioned a child using the well made, double wall box as a doll bed for Penny Olive. I find that package ought not to be a waste and can double as additional creative play item.

Next step is to look into producing a small version of the book through my publisher and see what they think. Secondly, using elements from the book to design the packaging and copy using my market research as inspiration (my favorite being Ladybug girl set for Target). And simultaneously working out doll pattern kinks for the medium and large-sized dolls.

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