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What a wild 3 months!

So it's been a few months since I posted! Penny Olive has just spread her wings!

First I printed 20 artist proof copies which sold out so quickly! After the book was finished I sent it to a few publishers but it was my wish for Masthof Press to publish the book since they represent many wonderful PA Dutch books and authors. To my heart's delight, they picked up the book and it was released on January 21, 2016. We kept the price at a reasonable $10, so that young people at the festivals and events I go to can afford to take her home with them. The next chapter is that I am making my rounds with Penny Olive and getting her out and about and introducing her to young and old people interested in PA Dutch culture and the language. I have started a website/blog and I am currently working or merchandise to accompany our dear Penny Olive.

Stay tuned :)

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