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Assembling the Deitsch support!

I have been lucky enough to have great following of my work and this project from both Deitsch people and non-Deitsch people.... I am thankful for all of you <3 I have asked some members of the Deitsch community to contribute to the book since I believe it is a group effort to share, preserve and carry on Deitsch culture. Kindly, Douglas Madenford will be helping out with a Deitsch translation of the book (since I am, unfortunately, a non-speaker). Robert L. Schreiwer has also been so extremely helpful with translations.

Dr. Michael Werner will be writing a short introduction to the book, since he is the one that planted the seed for me to design a PA Dutch mascot of sorts to energize and engage people about Deitsch culture. Still looking for help putting together a list of resources and exciting places to visit to continue one's exploration of Deitsch culture and people.

I have also received so much support and help from Professor Meloney, to which I am eternal grateful and feel I would have been lost in this journey without her feedback.

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