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I have been sketching and working on a pretty simple piece to print straight away. I am getting the feel for the lino and cutting again, which is great! I am really glad we agreed that I should dive right in and get reacquainted with the tools and processes. I am going to try retraining my hand to cut away from myself - but it feels so weird!

So I started sketching my favorite of the folktale characters, Wassernix (PA Dutch), water sprite or mermaid or Mesuline (Germany). About Mesuline ( I did some different sketches of her from different angles but chose a pretty straightforward version. I tried to keep the design simple as this will serve as my practice lino cut. I traced my drawing and then transferred the tracing to lino and started cutting. I will have the lino cut and ready to print for Friday.

On Friday we went over carving stamps, printing linocut, letterpress and visited the FAB LAB!

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