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Emerging Media- Week 11


- 3 illustrations for dresses (resting/ possibly animated)

- 1 video ad for clothing line

✔ 1 board for easel painted with conductive illustrations

✔ 3 stands

✔ 3 dresses

✔ completed sketching and illustrating dress patterns/designs

Update on project....

Over the weekend I searched and ordered my conductive paint, also searched for the smoothest white dresses I could fine, very happy with what I ordered. Finally I was able to find amazing clothing stands after going back and forth about whether or not to use mannequins (but I kinda hate mannequins- hella creepy).

Also got dimensions for the wood plaque that will sit in front of pedestal. I am thinking I will make it 3 sided to add one side of directions and one side for a title for something, also to hide projector. Have to prime and paint white before adding the conductive paint.

Also going to photo cage today before class to check out (hopefully) a tripod and slave cord for the stop motion animation that I'm doing with my characters. Watched a bunch of tutorials this weekend on stop motion animation and how to create them. Feeling excited about this addition.

As far as the plan for the projections, I have reimagined how this will all operate. I think the most interesting way will be to have the patterns stay projected on the dresses as stills, also having little subtle movements on the patterns like one illustration moving rather than all.

When the conductive illustration is pressed, an animation about that pattern's character in triggered. Once that animation is over it goes back to the three still patterns projected on the dresses.

Still unsure if the piece needs the clothing logo above, or if I should save that for thesis (I think so)

For the rest of the week I will be doing final touches for patterns and filming short stop motion animations......

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