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Emerging Media- week 12


- 3 illustrations for dresses (resting/ possibly animated)

- 1 video ad for clothing line

✔ 1 board for easel painted with conductive illustrations

✔ 3 stands

✔ 3 dresses

✔ completed sketching and illustrating dress patterns/designs

Project update:

This week I did a lot of boring stuff.... I had to spend hours researching and looking for either clothing stands or mannequins to display the dresses. Also looking for dresses, ordering, washing and ironing. Boring but necessary stuff.

Ok, I received my three clothing stands and three white dresses. Also received my conductive paint. I have my husband cutting the piece of wood for the conductive illustrations to fit on our children's art easel to have it off to the side of the projector as Josh suggested. I think it's a cute idea.

Have made three dolls (Belsnickel, Wassernix (mermaid) and Penny Olive (folk art doll) dolls to do the short stop motion animations with. I am shooting this week in the wild in different spots in Berks County. Also finishing up pattern stills for resting projections. I needed to wait to get my tripod... on it's way.

To answer you question Josh, i like the idea of the projections always on, but there's still 3 diff clicks to trigger diff animations & 1 for the stop motion thing?

Yes, there will be three separate patterns and three separate videos with three separate conduction illustrations for triggering.

I am worried about sounds, if Melissa and I are too close will our audios compete or distract from one another? I want to use some energetic music (similar to that MIA song I found Josh).

I will post more progress as things come together this week and see you all on Friday.

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