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Emerging Media - Week 10



Projector would have to be set up above I guess as to no interfere if someone is standing in front of dress?

Narrow down the details as much as possible. Include a detailed sketch of what the installation space is going to look like, and the "digital space" like what is going to be on the screens. The higher the fidelity of these sketches, the faster we can iterate and get this to a working place to start implementing everything. So, post a couple of paragraph description around the text. So I started creating my patterns this week to project on the the dresses. I have 2/3 created: Tulips and hex signs. I wanted to make them kind of dance like a gif loop, but not sure about that now. I think switching to video is smarter and doable. I was thinking of a cool stop motion animation video of my kids wearing the clothing. As far as the details about how it will look as an installation, I'm planning to have a segment of a wall for title and directions. A series of mannequin hangers with blank clothing pieces that will be projected on. I still really think an illustration on the wall painted with conductive paints makes the most sense, even though Melissa is using it too. I don't have any clue about fiducial and I feel that for a kid in a clothing shop, a conductive illustration to touch would be more fun and make more sense. I think aesthetically it looks better and I'm a painter so I should naturally try this jawn out! Four silhouette illustrations on the wall: mermaid, tulip, hex sign and ? (question mark). When viewer touches a conductive illustration, the projection is triggered and that corresponding pattern shows up on the blank dress and dances. When the viewer hits the question mark, a short video about the line is triggered. Patterns: kept the patterns really simple, I image them sort of doing a subtle dance on the dress. Also, like Emma's it would be fun if the background colors change as well.

To work on Friday, final pattern and animating my patterns to move.

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