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Emerging Media - Week 9

This week I have been working on making changes and fleshing out concept idea 2: Motion sensor or conductive paint/tape wall for thesis show/ pop up shop talking about the clothing line Create a simple interactive wall for thesis project pop up shop where customers can interact with the illustrations and patterns from the line. I would love to hear designers talk about the clothing that they designed while I'm shopping, I often wonder what inspired them or how they came up with designs. Or for kids, a fun story behind the designs to engage them and help them connect to the products. Inspiration: What has taken shape this week:

This week I've spent a lot of time researching how to translate my vision into a project. With a lot of help from Melissa and Josh's feedback, I feel I have things ironed out for the concept. Very early on in our talks about my thesis exhibition, Karen and I talked about how cool it would be to have an interactive component of the exhibition that had the viewer create their own patterns based on the elements in my designs. This seems to be the concept that best works with our vision for the final display.

I reached out to Emma Brooks, a graduate of our program about her Emerging Media Project- and she kindly shared in with me. Like Emma, I am concentrating on illustration, pattern design and licensing for my thesis and also like Emma I'd like to incorporate this into my Emerging Media project.

Emma's Emerging Media project consisted of project mapping with processing of pattern elements that link to a fiduical on a block that is placed on top of a piece of plexiglass and scanned by a camera under plexi- very cool! She designed it to me multi layered pattern and color options based on designing a children's nursery. Check it out:

After my research this week, my revised concept:

Processing using fiduicals and project mapping to create patterns based on different elements of the patterns created in layers in photoshop to create an engaging and interactive retail experience for kids.

As a parent that shops often with my kids - I think that the concept of interactive experiences in retail is fascinating. My thesis will be similar to a trade show display for a children's clothing line that has been created with my illustrations and patterns. Since the emphasis for thesis is on the actual patterns and illustrations, I think including a interactive element would be super fun.

For our class I would like to focus on that interactive space within the larger thesis display. I envision something very similar to this display:


If you look at the 3rd panel from the left, there is a screen at the top (a projector above) and two tee shirts green and yellow.... this is very similar to the layout I have in mind.

My display will however be a 3D tee shirt and a dress that will be mapped so that the patterns only show up on them.

Still sorting out:

What to project on: two options being projecting on 3-D foam board clothing cut out of paper or white clothing on a freestanding mannequin? I would love to project onto live models, but not sure how much trickier that would be.

What to use to trigger the projection: conductive paint with illustrations on the wall or fiduicals on plexi shelf? I think fiduicals used the way Emma did would create more options and combinations.

What will have when pattern is triggered? I looked carefully at how Emma's patterns changed with her project and I really liked the idea of the patterns layering so viewer gets to experiment with pattern design in a fun way. She was able to code some fiduicals to change the back ground colors and rotate the pattern. What I would like to add is making the patterns dance, like this Photoshop gif animation example:

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