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Emerging Media - Week 4

Timeline between this moment and October 20th at 9am 9/22-9/28 collect data with reporter app and logging for family This week I am still logging data in the reporter app. I am logging about 8 times a day and so far the findings from logging have been very eye opening and time consuming, but very cool. After talking to Josh on Friday and continuing to watch Nick Felton's Skillshare, I have decided that a Feltron style booklet is the best choice for this project especially since there's a lot of data collected and all together it makes no sense and is uninteresting. How will it be different than Feltron? Well obvi I'm a much different person and have a shit load of children and balancing motherhood, marriage, work and school is the story that I am telling. I love looking at Feltrons reports but find them too sterile for me aesthetically to represent my personal data from the reporter app. I will approach my visualization in a more hand-done format (minding not to be too fine artsy or crafty). I am think Stefanie Posavec style illustrations that visualize the data of my story.

I was lucky enough to meet and sit in on her workshop at KU in 2015. I love her aesthetic and her process. Check her out if you haven't seen her work: She teaches a course: Telling stories with data: Introduction to hand-drawn data visualization (

Here's a look into the data I'm collecting.... my interest is finding out how productive I am and need to be and how to find extra time to work.... Is is a random sampling so I don't track everything I'm doing at all times, but it gives a good idea of what my life is like.

I'm going to create a small booklet that compiles the data I collected in the two week sample of my life. It will analyze the data and look for patterns and points of connection that tell an interesting story. Basically answering the irritating observation I hear constantly "I don't know how you do it all!" I don't know either, so I wanted to explore how the f I get shit done without having a nervous breakdown (which I'm pretty close). As the semester continues I noticed that if I don't sleep less my productivity will suffer. I also am finding time sucks in my schedule that I have to cancel in order to meet deadlines with quality work and still be present with my family. My main goals are to be present and engaged with my family and also present and engaged with my grad school work. That's the point, the balance and finding the magical schedule that leaves me moderately rested and functional to do both very very important things to me.

I will still be using RAW Graphs ( to help me actually visualize the data with my CSV files from reporter. Then with those RAW visualizations I will create my hand illustrated visualizations that will make up the project.

So here's the more refined sketches for my project (they suck, I will have to add color or make a prototype to get the full idea across):

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