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Emerging Media - Week 3

Revised project idea (just a brief paragraph)

SHWM (Stay-at-Home Working Mom) Mindfulness Challenge

What if you took an honest look at your productivity? In several areas of your life... family, work, school, sleep, self-care and familial intimacy. Do you complain about having a ton of work to do but waste precious time on social media? Or miss crucial engagement with your husband, kids and dog because you're distracted?

The answer to feeling overwhelmed and too busy is to take an honest and mindful look at what you are actually doing and not doing. Where are the hidden hours that could be used more efficiently? What habits are counterproductive and should be scrapped for real intimacy with your family or friends?

This data visualization installation will examine my life in a two week snap shot during the height of my schedule. It will also explore the other 4 people in my family's schedules. How do our schedules interact? And how does this make us feel? The outcome will hopefully provide some mindfulness about what we can do to work more efficiently and be present more often when we are together.

Family time is sacred but also the first thing to be sacrificed when we get busy, this data exploration seeks to examine and used the information gained to see where things can improved.

Where you will get the data Reporter App - logging How you will access the data (specifically will the data be "live" tied to an API, or will you capture the data into a file and use that) Export as CSV How you will visualize the data I'm not 100% sure yet.... I need to observe the data collected first The final form of the data (physical, website, interactive thing) Physical, installation or booklet (similar idea to the Feltron Report) What software, hardware, libraries, websites, etc you plan to use The charts site Juss used, charts.js. Hopefully some type of interactive projection What do you need to learn to make it happen How to take CSV file and Translate it into a chart (still don't really get how this step works--- will need some assistance to test this out on Friday). Once it's is a chart or graph form I can start making connections and visualize the final installation piece more clearly. Timeline between this moment and October 20th at 9am 9/15-9/21 collect data with reporter app and logging for family

9/22-9/28 collect data with reporter app and logging for family 9/29-10/5 create charts in charts.js 10/6-10/12 create 10/13-10/19 create 10/20 install A sketch (hand or computer) of the proposed project. So either a screen from the site, a sketch of the physical thing, a wireframe of the interface, etc

Errg, not sure what it will look like yet.... sorry :[ I promise a better sketch next week when I have a better idea of the data interactions

This was a quick sketch from m first idea..... I think though it would just be one hoop with the entire family's data as to not take up too much room and also be more interesting.

Joined to get tutorials for this project/class. I feel lost with how my data CSV becomes a chart (?)!

And Skillshare....

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