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Restaurant Graphics - Week 2

After meeting with Meloney to help me choose between three ideas I loved, we decided that the Riot Grrrl restaurant was most uniquely me.

It's so funny, I am so in awe of the young designers and illustrators in our KUCD program. I feel that I cannot even begin to touch their level of process and polish when designing. But the thing that sets me apart is the thing that Meloney picked up on in these three choices- I have experiences. At 36, I've lived almost twice as long as my classmates. I lived through 90's Riot Grrrl and that experience can make for a 1st person authentic experience design. Pretty awesome! I never feel competitive with my classmates, mostly inferior in process and polish. But these moments where a design concept that is influenced by experience and otherwise would not have been mined, these moments are when I feel most confident in my design abilities.

As a 36 year old woman who lived through the Riot Grrrl movement and I see this new wave of similar body-positive, sex-positive feminine empowerment, it makes me excited and proud to see a new generation standing up as sex-positive feminists, body-positive feminists and against body shaming.

Concept: The main focus would be on body positive, guilt-free dining. Menu would include healthy but savory options as well as indulgences. The menu items would be named after Riot Grrrls and their bands. The concept being the freedom to choose what you want to eat!

Riot Grrrl (body positive) inspired restaurant where everyone is encouraged to riot not diet and indulge in delicious meals without guilt. Leave your judgment and scale at the door! Menu would be designed like a riot grrrl zine from the 90's. Wall would be covered in wheat-pasted xeroxed riot grrrl posters.

Name ideas:

riot not diet



Belly Love (tattoo style logo)

the belly <3 cafe

Tagline ideas:

riot not diet!

resist. recharge. repeat.

resist. refuel. repeat.

eat yr ♥ out

*I did some thumbnails and also some playing with typewriter typefaces and a real typewriter. I love the latter.

I love Belly Love, but I am concerned it may be construed as pregnancy or maternity. This is a mock up of the logo and tagline, I am using an old typewriter for the logo and menu.

I have found so much inspiration on pinterest:

And listening to all my old favorites this week!!

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