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Restaurant Graphics - Week 1

Three innovative restaurant ideas:

1. Authentic Deitsch cuisine with subtle hints of the culture's influence infused in a clean and modern restaurant. Nothing would not be overtly advertising PA Dutch, but rather the menu and design would be inspired by the owner's family recipes handed down from her grandmother. The food for the restaurant would be sourced from local farms and trying to keep the idea of authenticity running throughout the choices and designs of the restaurant. It would be nice but not upscale, fair prices so that most people in the area can afford it.

Concept: The main focus would be on authentic recipes of the folk not the kitschy (fake) food that is the standard. The restaurant would be designed with modesty of the folk in mind in calm serene colors. Dishes and place settings would be simple and clean but also showcase local ceramic artist for the plates. The menus would have subtle and simple hints of traditional designs but with a clean color palette. It would not be a chain, but rather a mom and pop one-of-a-kind place that put authenticity and tradition at the forefront of the mission.

Name ideas:

Verna's kich

Oley Valley Inn

The Pickled Beet

Hot Bacon Dressing

The Buttered Apple


2. Heirloom seed only vegetarian cafe and communal veggie swap. Specializes in tomato-based dishes. Restaurant is on a farm in Berks County. Imagine a farm stand with a quaint wall-less eatery.

Concept: The main focus would be on seed and food integrity. The cafe would target folks that care about the quality of their food. Rather than focusing on organic-only (as many places already do) this concept is specifically about heirloom seeds and plants. I imagine a lot of beautiful, graphic repeat patterns based on veggies and fruits that have seeds.

Name ideas:


Heirloom Seed

Seeded Heirlooms

The Pickled Beet

The Stuffed Tomato

3. Riot Grrrl (body positive) inspired restaurant where everyone is encouraged to riot not diet and indulge in delicious meals without guilt. Leave your judgment and scale at the door! Menu would be designed like a riot grrrl zine from the 90's. Wall would be covered in wheat-pasted xeroxed posters.

Concept: The main focus would be on body positive, guilt-free dining. Menu would include healthy but savory options as well as indulgences. The concept being the freedom to choose what you want to eat!

Name ideas:

riot not diet

Chub Rub Club



Belly Love (tattoo style logo)

Fatty Melt

fat grrrl

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