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Thesis - Week 1

Thesis: Possible topics for research

  1. * Design PA Dutch based surface patterns and creating children’s clothing from these patterns as a way to connect to the culture through touch and embrace in a practical tangible way. An exhibit that breaths new life into old PA Dutch pattern designs. Taking inspiration from fraktur, hex signs, quilts, braided rugs and 40’s-70’s pattern designs. For some reason these patterns stopped being produced and sold. I want to revive these inspiring motifs through my own experience and that of my family.

  2. * PA Deitsch (Dutch) language as a thread through the generations and maintaining culture. Reviving the language for kids. Exploring the cycle of how Deitsch went from being widely used and taught to becoming a secret language among the adults in families, however not passing the language on to an entire generation-silencing intergenerational conversation. Possibly a children’s book with interactive installation.

  3. * PA Dutch women as illustrators and designers, then and now. Exploring the history of quilt and pattern design throughout the generations. While they may not have thought of themselves or their work as such, PA Dutch women were in fact very skilled in design and illustrating motifs and scenes in their quilts, pattern designs and needlepoint.

  4. Telling my familial story through large typographic and illustrative scherenschnitte that have light and sound integrated within the installation. Created on canvas with cut out type and illustrations.

  5. Illustrating a children’s book and bring the book to life with a life-size interactive illustration experience and app from the book (similar to Alice in Wonderland at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia).

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