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Professional Explorations - Week 15

As I plan to do after I graduate, this week I am wearing many hats to make this project come to life.... illustrator, designer, printer, iron technician, art director, photography assistant and treat dispenser ;)

This week I really went hard- but honestly, I enjoyed every moment of it from designing to printing and hand applying designs, planning the photo shoot, editing the photos, laying out the booklet and writing the copy!

Finishing up iron on transfers. It's so tedious- but came out really well.

Sunday: photo shoot day! The images are beautiful, my friend Carrie did a great job! I did have to do some color and exposure adjustments in LightRoom. I made some additional tweaks to the images in PhotoShop.

Lookbook layout:

I'm beginning to layout the lookbook and just adoring the images and their energy! I feel much more confident when laying this out than I did a year ago. I am grateful for all that I have learned this past year. Some of the copy is placeholder and page numbers... working out the kinks this coming week to print....

The first few spreads went into place pretty easily, these last few I struggled a bit with combinations and shots.... there are repeat images but looking to find the best combo... I suppose I don't have to include every tee, but I would love to!

(back cover)

with black type

spreads to come.... all tee shirts spread (?)

planet bee spread



#hunterbee #ProfessionalExplorations

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