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Self Promo- Week 4 (Tuesday)

(Paper doll front and back sketch)

Due today:

*Tight pencils for all new illustration/designs. (3–5 new images minimum depending on complexity of style.)

*Text for all parts typed, and printed before the beginning of class. Even if it is going to be hand lettered you must have it all typed out. Label typographic parts. (Headline, subhead, text. captions, etc.)

Text for project:

<<<Label inspiration<<<<

Label: (not sure what to write here)

"Paper Puppet"

"Let me show you how flexible I am..."

"One of a kind illustrator"

Back of paper doll:

Rachel Yoder


ph: 215.688.6285

fb+ig: rachelyoderart

Next step will be seperating the limbs and pieces of the doll to fully design the parts and painting them.

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