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Self Promo- Week 3 Progress Critique

Thursday — Research, Planning & Feasibility


Project: Self Portrait Paper Doll

Paper doll with be printed both front and back. The doll will be based on both my Illustration is my Double Rainbow self promo booklet as well as the Mama Goddess style portrait.

I will be holding coffee in one hand and my illustrating tools in the other. On my coffee mug will be the double rainbow as in the booklet. The back side of the doll will be fully illustrated and include my contact info.

For next class, I'm going to refine hands and feet (make them smaller) and add more details. Once I have front worked out, I will sketch back and figure out where to put the contact info. Also brainstorming what the label on the top should read.

Version 1 (work in progress sketch)

√ersion 2 (work in progress sketch)


Sara Guindon

Sara Guindon

(Sara Guindon)

A very thorough typed schedule outlining what needs to

be done and when to successfully complete project by

the end of the semester. These will be collected and act as

a contract for the work you are responsible for completing.


WEEK 4 - 4/11/17

  • Tighten sketches for scanning

  • Write copy for label and contact info

WEEK 5 - 4/18/18

  • 50% of doll completed

WEEK 6 - 4/25/17

  • 95% completed (color jpegs/digital files of project parts and progress)

  • Printed and constructed for class

  • Documentation on mailing/shipping prices at the post office.

  • All mailing supplies purchased and brought to the critique

WEEK 7 - 5/2/17

  • Revisions from critique

  • All due

  • Take photographs

WEEK 8 - 5/9/17 (2-4 pm)

  • Say it in 7–10 presentation.

  • All copies to class with labels.

Final Work Checklist

  • Put presentation in the D2L Assignments folder before 12:00 p.m. Give your 7–10 slide Keynote presentation of your process and progress as if it were a blog post to roll-out your self-promotion piece. Give a summary of the process from beginning to end. Include aha! moments, struggles and solutions. Make it fun for a creative director to view. Show your personality.

  • You will give 2 finished pieces to me. I will keep one. A finished piece is the entirety of the project. Mailing envelope, final piece, etc. Or your final digital promotions—all files and assets.

  • The second should be addressed with postage or be a final draft of your email for digital work. You may mail it to yourself or to a potential employer. If printed, I will take to the post office. If it will not mail successfully your final project grade will suffer. If you are emailing, you will send the email before the end of the class and BCC me.

  • Put in D2l Assignments folder by 12 p.m. Digital pdf or final digital files/assets of project.

  • If you took photos of your project for your portfolio website, please include those as well.

Postage and mailing issues should be researched

immediately. Online location should be secured.

I will be sending the paper doll is a cardboard envelop so it won't be accidentally bent.

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