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Self Promo- week 2

This week we worked on three concept ideas with four thumbnails for each concept.

Concept 1: Pa Dutch Tree (Scherenschnitte) & set of folklore ornaments (delayed mailing)

The target audience would receive a tree, an ornament and a small booklet explaining the self promo piece, then a new ornament monthly after that. At the end of the promo they would have a sweet PA Dutch holiday tree in time for the holidays. This concept would really show off my talents and unique PA Dutch inspired illustrative style.

Scherenschnitte standing tree example

Illustrative style

Package for initial promo

Concept 2: Children's book about agro and farming

The target audience would receive a copy of my illustrated book along with some sway, possibly a doll. The book is about a little boy who helps his grandparents out on their farm. Reader learns about agro and farming and why it's important. This concept would further strengthen my children's illustration portfolio.

Concept 3: Self portrait doll

The target audience would receive either a hinged paper doll of me or a soft (sewn) doll of me. I want her to be humours and in one hand hold a cup of coffee (life) and the other hold her drawing/painting tools. Possibly with a double rainbow shirt. May be accompanied by the self promo booklet I did in Contemporary Topics (Illustration in my Double Rainbow.

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