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PE Week 10: Project Progress

*My scanner has shit out on me tonight... I will have to shoot sketches with my phone and update later :(

So much great feedback to consider! I was so excited to blog and get all of my feedback organized! Goals for this week are to get the logo and illustrations cleaned up and scanned.

I am definitely going with hunter bee for the name of the line. I have also decided that part of the proceeds from the line will be donated to an organization that helps save pollinating bees.

Melissa helped me brainstorm tag lines. We took all of the words that I wanted to include and pieced them together in different ways until it sounded right. I wanted to say something about clothing and use the word "littles" rather than kids or children. My friend Carrie helped me find the word "duds" for an alternate to clothing. I call my kids "bud" - so flower buds with pollinating bees popped into my mind during our creative brainstorming. After several different combinations were considered, "duds for little buds" was my favorite!! I have not been able to stop saying it now- lol. I absolutely adore this tag line and clothing line name!

Bosler and I edited down my list of illustration themes. We whittled down to a few wonderful animals from home and garden. Bosler also told me to check out Hanna Anderson's line, it's gorgeous and really inspiring! I love the way she designs her lockups with little surprised outside of the grid. I want to keep the animals to the kinder animals and not pests.

Clothing line name: hunter bee

Tag line: duds for little buds

Overall theme:

back yard nature

Some additional illustration elements:

garden animals/insects: bunny, groundhog, bird, worms, butterfly, dragonfly, ladybug, bees, caterpillar

garden flowers, fruits and veggies: lettuce, carrots, watermelon, beets, zucchini, apple, clover, coneflower, sunflower, black-eyed Susan

woodland animals: fox, deer

children interacting with nature and these animals

*** Still need to finish sketching the kiddos and veggies/fruit.

Donating to:

planet bee

I see this project growing into my thesis.... this line is inspired by my son Hunter, for thesis it would be a more expansive line that includes clothing inspired by my other two children as well.

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