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Greeting Card Workshop- week 4

Updates: Trying different clothing options and typefaces and sentiment layouts..... I am having a hard time clothing her because clothing is not really something I ever drawn or render and it keeps looking dumb... I went back to my original concept of everyday mama as goddess (since we all are) and decided to maintain the original characters wardrobe of undies, hot pants (boy shorts) and bare chested or spaghetti strap tanks. The only problem I am having with adding clothes is that rather than the figure being one color (white/off white) it's now complicating the limited color palette. I don't want it to be too busy, I will revert to the nude figure again if that happens.

Overall look: I still have to rework her face. Finding a balance between vector/hand drawn, PhotoShop painted and fabric collaged looks. There are infinite possibilities, so I am just pushing all the looks to strike the right balance. For the background I want to maintain a very vibrant and graphic faux vintage screened look (inspired by Yorkcraft). For the figure, I want simple, but not vector for her face, I will use PhotoShop blending modes. Her skin and any clothing will be collaged a bit with textiles.

Type: I found a lovely typeface after searching (Garden Grown) to use as a placeholder. I am probably going to hand letter the type, but not sure yet since the overall look is very graphic. But I have observed in my research that most contemporary illustrator do their own lettering too. It makes sense and looks more cohesive.

Juxtaposition: I enjoy the juxtaposition of beautiful floral goddess wreath and an everyday looking mother. I want to maintain the message that we are all goddesses. Also her clothing will possibly infuse some humor as well, which I always love. This idea that we are mama goddesses but may look average or even ridiculous due to limited wardrobes or lack of self care time.

Option 1: more graphic and vector

Option 2: softer and hand drawn

Border: Another choice I've made is having the bright color of the pattern be framed with a border so that the whole face of the card isn't bright red. I am planning to use a cotton watercolor type paper so that border will look sharp when printed with some texture.

Color palette:

I am very excited with where this is going and so happy to where the line will go once we expand beyond the four cards.

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