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Greeting Card Workshop- week 3

Trying to get my palette just right.

My inspiration: Yorkcraft stationary set (1960's)

I want to have the same look as the original Yorkcraft so I am experimenting with faux offset options...

with black....

with white....

I tried hand painting these, but hated it and decided to go into the computer and try. To achieve that vintage screened look, doing it in PhotoShop and Illustrator seemed to make more sense.

I love this, but it's just not the look I want for the cards....

I tried the limited palette of: white, black, red, green and yellow, not working.... I'm adding blue :)

Next step, get goddess mama scanned in and add color and collage textiles on her.... so excited!

I wasn't liking the face, so I changed it....

*PA Dutch motifs inspired by Don Greth

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