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..... refining illustration sketches, pacing, typography and hand-lettering....

Updated new sketches.....

My week has been wild! I have been swamped with work. I will be working on more illustrations today and tomorrow.... I feel like I need to knock them out in a large session rather than working a little here and there.... so no sleep for me, lol! Please check back.

In the meantime I did spend some time handwriting and experimenting with that. I definitely want to hand letter the words for the booklet. I love cursive so much! So I am literally writing out each word a bunch of times and then picking my favorite. I will also try writing out the full sentences a few times. It feels really good to use my hands for the words.... I'm all screened out!!

Cleaning illustrations up in PhotoShop, ready to start vectorizing and layering...... this is a WIP clean up.... started with her left hand, it was murky from the pencil.

Updating dummy to be more focused on pacing and using different sized illustrations....

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