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Revised story

I met with Bosler last week to go over the story for the self promo piece. While talking with her I realized that I wanted to piece to say one thing and show something else, which would make it funny. I am thinking of this piece like those meme's that you see on facebook (see below)....

So this idea of what I think I do and what I actually do is very funny to me, so together we made some changes to the script.

Revised script:


  1. Hello, my name is Rachel! (Illustration of me holding my illustration tools)

  2. Illustration is my double rainbow!!

  3. I’ve been drawing since I was 3 (left side of easel me drawing at 3/ right side my kids and I drawing together)

  4. and now my kids make art with me!

  5. My tools were simpler then... (left side children's art materials/ right side my studio aka living room chair, laptop, coffee)

  6. my favorite tool now is coffee!

  7. I used to pull all nighters making art....

  8. now I'm an early riser making art!

  9. It doesn't get much better than this (double spread of our backs looking up at a double rainbow)

  10. .....

(Back cover, kiss cut double rainbow punch out and directions for mobile)

Some really loose sketches.....

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