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Save-Worthy Self Promotion

So this morning I'm scrambling to get ready for a vending event, Heemet Fescht, where I am reading Penny Olive and selling my dolls. I spent last evening really diving into the research I had done on save-worthy and interactive promotions.I reflected on our conversation about my project in class. I realized that the mini dolls I printed and sewed would be awesome save-worthy self promotions, especially if they had a ribbon or something to hang them. I started thinking more about the idea of a multiple save-worthy self promotion that comes in parts weekly and then is assembled by the end of the series of weeks. I am completely loving this idea!

I was thinking about this illustrations I have in my collection: der Belsnickel, Wassernix, fish monster, Elbedritsch, and Penny Olive characters. Aside from the Penny Olive characters, all of my work is inspired by folklore. I think it would be cool to have the collection have that theme. I envisioned the tree that Bosler mentioned and each of these characters being ornaments to decorate the tree. I adore this idea! I am not a Christian, but I love Christmas and the spirit and magic of that time of year. It does not bother me that it's a self-promo based on a Christian holiday theme, which is really a Pagan holiday anyway.

The Pennsylvania Dutch calendar and life functions based on the seasons for farming and harvesting reasons. As a larger project, for a year I would create four of these multiple parts self-promotions. All 3-d in some way and interactive (fun, engaging).

The second idea is more of a booklet format. The face would be two sides of an accordion folded booklet coming together to form a rainbow. When opened it would have a few illustrations mapping my journey, perhaps with an illustrated map included since my location informed my style greatly.

I guess my next question for myself is where does my journey story begin and where does it end?

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