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Pattern surface design

Even though I learned Illustrator when I was in undergrad at Drexel (circa 2000), most of it had escaped my brain. Luckily for me I have been using PhotoShop ever since 2000, and I am very familiar with the way Adobe products work. I also learned InDesign last semester while laying out Penny Olive. Illustrator and I were off to a rough start in the beginning of the semester, but thanks for laying out my typeface for unconventional typography in Illustrator and having Professor Kresge's help and skillshare, Lynda tutorials, I'm feeling much better about where I am with the program. I am actually really excited to learn more about the amazing things I can do in Illustrator that I can't do in PhotoShop. I has been a great week! I have been following two skillshare courses specifically about Pattern Surface Design. I will continue tweaking the design until it's just right- then to print and assemble package for presenting on Friday!!! So thankful Bosler encouraged me to create my own pattern! It's been really rewarding and a great way to learn more about the endless possibilities of Illustrator.


Final pattern design

Copy tweaking!

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