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Pattern design and printing package

This week I gave surface pattern design another go for the interior of the package (Penny Olive's walls). I used two skillshare tutorials to help me design the patterns properly and spent a lot of time tweaking the layouts. I am happy with the working design and definitely feel Bosler was right that it is a lot better than using the textile I purchased. The pattern feels true to Penny Olive and represents everything I love about her. I used Illustrator to design and realized I can achieve a textile texture by printing out on canvas roll in lab and scanning it to use on the file.

I thought a lot this week about Beatrix Potter and her design sensibilities and how her work is very recognizable as her own. I want my work to be experienced the same way. I think creating my own pattern designs is a smart move going forward, especially for the next book I am working on in the summer. Thankful that Bosler encouraged me to design my own!

(Skillshare tutorial, original pattern, my working design)

Testing my pattern block in a repeat... I love my working pattern! I just need to figure out how to make my workspace white ;)

Next step is to tweak, finish design and print!

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