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Package redesign / typography choices

I really appreciated the feedback from our critique on Friday. Some problem areas with the package design from last week that I focused on this week were:

  • Blackletter font and Skratch font being difficult to read

  • Too filled and busy

  • Copyright issues with fabric used in design

  • Copy wording needing some revisions

I spent about 6 hours scoring and researching a serif that is playful yet readable. As I stated before, I am looking towards the Ladybug Girl book and doll set as inspiration and I adore the typeface that they used. I found a wonderful serif that is also free for commercial use. I am very happy with the new typeface. I have included 6 different options of the redesign, some more and some less busy.

**These are screenshots- not readable in areas, I will have prints on Friday!

Beginning of design

Last week

This week's redesign: options 1-6

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 7.56.08 PM


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