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Still tweaking Penny Olive's look while designing layouts!

I've been busy adding more texture and fabric to the illustrations to really beef up the layers. I added yarn hair to Penny Olive as per Professor Meloney's suggestion- and I love it!! I'm still going to try one more look for her- fabric hair.

I also tried tweaking Belsnickel's look for the book- but it's just not authentic. I realized that I have to maintain my vision for the book and story being told. It's not going to be for everyone, but it needs to stay true to the tradition and culture. It's difficult as a previous teacher in public school and in a very PC all accommodating society to be ok with producing something that's purpose is not to be loved by all. While I would love the book and character to be successful, it is much more important to me for her and her story to be authentic! It is a children's book, but it is also mean to share and educate about Deitsch culture. Belsnickel is cranky and gnarly looking- but that's who he is, and I love him dearly still. By the way, my own children love him too and are not afraid of him. I really don't believe, as a visual artist and mother, that all things geared towards children need to be in a pretty package. That's not life, after all. I am excited that I have reached the point where the message of the book and the purpose are crystal clear to me.

I am taking design and layout suggestions and putting them into practice. Gridding out the layout and adding text. This is getting very exciting! I am thankful for everyone's feedback and can't wait to see how Penny Olive's story comes together and continues. Looking to print in two weeks!!!!

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