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Rethinking text....

After meeting with Professor Meloney and Kayln and complaining about how I felt the text was getting in the way of my images.... it occurred to me that I was thinking about text in a very boxed in way. Kayln showed me a book she had designed that was just stunning. The text was all over the page, working as a most crucial element of the story as the images were. I realized that the text is like a character in the story and I need to treat it as a whole different beast. This week, I have also reworked Penny Olive's image, painted some additional images for the book. Redesigned the storyboard or dummy book, and just focused on shifting my views on text. I am seriously contemplating hand lettering the book because 1. I love hand lettering, 2. I think it would lend it's self to the Fraktur style imagery. ​

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