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I looked into © copyrighting the character since I had some issues with my work being used in a publication recently without my consent or knowledge and without giving me credit. It's really too expensive for me at the moment. But I am researching "Poor man's copyright":

A widely circulated strategy to avoid the cost of copyright registration is referred to as the "poor man's copyright". It proposes that the creator send the work to himself in a sealed envelope by registered mail, using the postmark to establish the date. This technique has not been recognized in any published opinions of the United States courts. The United States Copyright Office makes it clear that the technique is no substitute for actual registration.[30] The United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office discusses the technique and notes that the technique (as well as commercial registries) does not constitute dispositive proof that the work is original nor who the creator of the work is.[31][32] (wikipedia)

Doesn't look like there's any cheaper options! I am hoping that through self-publishing the book, it comes with copyright. Time to look into that.....

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