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Coppertype prints of my fb family & friends #datavis #designthinking

So yesterday I finished stringing all of my fb friends and family from my modern family tree. This morning I am working on the few remaining people (my immediate family) which will be represented differently since they are reality relationships.

I am loving the way the copper-types turned out and look on the tree, especially when they catch the light and shine or move in the breeze. The tree base is a bit unstable at the moment and I thinking I will attach it with roots to a small table for display purposes.

This weekend I will be sorting out and designing the tree key.... there are several different types of materials I used (different color wires, hemp twine, fabric, etc) to attach the portraits, these will be my data differences. Depending on the color of wire or material with explain how I know this person (only exclusive friend or someone I have met), how I interact with them (digitally or in reality), and how long it's been since I'm seen them. Also, the square, copper portraits represent my fb friends and family. The circular cloth portraits will be my immediate family.

I am pretty excited about this! I had a really hard time simplifying the work and taking out the conceptual aspects of my design, so seeing it simplified but streamlined- very exciting!

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